Some Interesting Facts About Netflix’s Betty Cooper, Lili Reinhart

Some Interesting facts about Netflix’s Betty Cooper, Lili Reinhart

You might know Riverdale’s Betty Cooper, who stole millions of hearts from the CW shows. It is one of the most buzzed shows and the same goes for its stars. Out of them, one is Lili Reinhart who played the character ‘Betty Cooper’ on the show.

Some interesting facts about Netflix's Betty Cooper, Lili Reinhart

Lili opened all the ways to success and fame through her role as Betty Cooper, the lead who possesses good as well as bad sides in the show, Riverdale. However, Betty isn’t the only role she is famous for, Lili is widely appreciated for Chemical Hearts and Hustlers.

Some interesting facts about Netflix's Betty Cooper, Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart is continuously brightening up her career and fame, so let’s take some time to learn her facts. Scroll down to get those facts.

  1. Lili hails from Midwestern, however, settles on the West Coast. She is currently residing in West Coast, CA. She was born in the Cleveland suburb, Bay Village. During her initial days, she and her mother used to drive to New York City for Lili’s auditions and she gives all the credit to her mother for her brightened career.
  2. Her main goal is to buy a home in LA. At the age of eighteen, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream career. After her selection for the role ‘Betty Cooper’, she again moved to Vancouver, Canada to film the show. In an interview withArchitectural Digest, she revealed that even though she has an apartment in Vancouver, her ultimate goal is to buy an apartment in LA.
  3. In her initial period, acting wasn’t serving her to the fullest. For the actress, acting wasn’t working when she moved to LA. She wasn’t able to gain success and questioned her career in acting. She also had a thought of returning to Cleveland, however, fortunately around that time she was selected for the lead role of Betty Cooper.
  4. Lili had a backup for her career. If she didn’t select Betty Cooper, then she would have given up on her dreams. She also had a backup plan of becoming a makeup artist. However, she clicked on the role and gained popularity and fame.
  5. The actress did her makeup on Riverdale! Shocked? But it’s hell true! She was so good at makeup and nailing cosmetics that she did most of her makeup on Riverdale. During filming, she had acne issues and decided to switch over.
  6. She is completely different from Betty Cooper. In Riverdale, Betty is an outward perfectionist. From the outside, the character has a perfect life, a great student, lovely parents, has great friends, and lives in a safe neighborhood. However, fans know, her life is far from perfect. But Lili is completely different. If she doesn’t like you, then it’s not gonna work. Her expressions speak for her emotions and couldn’t hide them no matter what.
  7. She loves thriller movies. Riverdale is perfect to her likings. It is a dark and thrilling show. There are so many dark aspects such as murder, hidden agendas, addiction; not so charming town, Riverdale. Lili likes this kind of setting. Lighter comedies or movies don’t suit her taste. Thrillers and horrors are her cups of tea.
  8. Reinhart is not a coffee person. On the set of Riverdale, Lili prefers Coca-Cola in the morning rather than a cup of coffee to kick off her day. Pillsbury used to send her cookies to fulfill her cravings. However, she stores those for everyone on the set.
  9. She prefers reading to scrolling her phone. Lili usually reads in her leisure period instead of spending time on her phone.
  10. The actress is serious about her self-care routine. Lili suffers from depression and always used to compare herself and her body to other women. Therefore, she started to preach body-mind positivity to cure those thoughts. Her self-care routine consists of watching makeup tutorials on YouTube and documentaries, reading, and learning about the skin.
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